Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Mmmm Thanksgiving!!!!! SO much food, and SOOO much family ( 32 people for one dinner... and there was a lot of people missing too) I LOVE to bake but i wasn't feeling too good the few days before so I decided to make Turkey Cookies the day of Thanksgiving... Bad mistake. It was sooo much work and not enough time! I dont have the real picture up yet but this is what the kind looked like..

They were a hit!!!!! And so fun to watch the kids laugh over.. How was your Thanksgiving??

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let me introduce you..

Having a dog is one of the best things. They're loving, entertaining, they're great for kids and they always keep you happy... followed with laughing, amazement and the times when you want to go mad if you have an Amercian Bulldog/ Boxer mix. Meet Annie...

She's as cute as a button and more needy than a newborn. She LOVES to cuddle.. and be mischievous..
watch out during dinner.. she hops onto her back legs and tries to push food her way with her little arms. Luckly, she does wonders in the garden..

What dog doesn't want to see Santa? Annie does!!
It's a hard life..
 Someone needs a vacay!!!!!!
She likes to cuddle up to Pink Laddie-too Soother when she relaxes too!!!

And after she gets back she calls up her close friend, Gary Ganew the gopher!
 Be ready at  5:10 in the morning Annie likes to wake you up to give you kisses by licking you to death with her giraffe tongue, but, how could you be mad to see this face?
and once you loved her.. say adios to your bed.. 
Even though this breed is know as a  'Bully Dog' she is far from it. She's a gentle giant that just wants to play, love and be loved all day long. She a riot! like having two dogs and a two year old in one. She keeps you laughing and keeps your spirits up no matter how down you are.. she has her own post! She's gotta be something great!! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's here!!!!

GOODBYE scorching Texas weather!!!!! Instead of taking six showers a day to keep the humidity and sweat off of you.... We have this now! WOOOO HOOO!!

How's your weather looking??

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It feels good to be back!! Been in North Carolina visiting my WONDERFUL boyfriend. He's working there right now :(  Good, but sad to be home! We went grocery shopping a few days ago..never thought you could have so much fun looking at fruit and trying to figure and imagining what they look like to us.. we got A LOT of stares for our laughs.. This is a Jack Fruit..
it was HUGE! They had such an array of fruits! Star fruit, Squash.. which was the funniest one.. North Carolina knows how to grow their produce!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Woop Woop!

Making these rice bags daily is great!! I love how I get to use my creativeness to think of the arrangements for the fabric, I get to sew all day! And I love how they help so many of my friends!! Plus I just got my monogram sewing machine so I can personalize the Soothers!

And our 3-piece set!
The rice last so much longer than the beads in other heating bags! and they're not that faded boring pastel  color!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Going crazy..

Trying to start up a little business..is hard work! My poor daughter spends hours trying to build the website, I sew all day forgetting to eat! Hopefully this all pays off.. I got a little bored and went on Facebook... can't live without my Farmville!! and noticed my daughter posted a picture..
Looks like someone got a little distracted and wanted to pretend she was in Antarctica.. she also posted..
What would we do without our children?

Check out our website and tell us what you think!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Leafs are falling!

Finally, Autumn is here! No more 100 degree weather, Fall birthdays, Thanksgiving and HALLOWEEN! The most fun holiday to decorate for along with Christmas, of course! Now all my favorite sewing stores are carrying the greatest fabrics! Like these adorable scarecrows..
Putting this to use to make my granddaughters their Autumn/Halloween pillowcases, Who doesn't love Fall??

What's your favorite season?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Never gets old! love it!


Ahhh.. Peppermint time!

Those wonderful morning where you just can't wake up even though you have gone for a walk, taken a shower, made breakfast.. those eye lids are being stubborn!! Thankfully there is Starbucks!!!! Craving one of these bad boys..
                                                             Peppermint Mocha!
Yuuuummoo!! The Caffeine has hit me! I feel like a can run a marathon now! Or just sew all day and work on our blog and website! that takes enough energy already! 

What's your favorite Starbucks drink? 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Day with Jeff and Flax Seed!

I love fabric, I drag my boyfriend all over town looking for fabric.lol and rice and flax seed.  He just looks at me in the store with such pain in his eyes... (he must love me to do this for me ).... I could be in Joann's for hours and that smell when you walk into the store is  a wow! You feel as if your home... for Jeff it is the smell of death! LOL he runs for me and gets fabric... then he can't take it anymore and sits in a chair by a sewing machine...and reads all about it! LOL .. I could tell you everything about that machine hahahahhaha but i find what i want at that one and drag him off to Sun Harvest! So he can play doctor with the gloves LOL...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little shell fish creatures..

It's 90 degrees out at 4:18 pm! Crazy! What's a delicious, filling, cold meal to eat..
Ohhhhh Yess....SHRIMP ceviche!!!! Slap some of this on a tostada shell, add some hot sauce to add a little spicy KICK! MMMMmmm.. Thinking about the avacado, red onions ( or as my daughter says..purple onions, cilantro, lime juice, tomatoes, green onion, talapia and of course the shrimp with a Texas sized glass of lemon water... YUUUUMMM!!!!!!! Making my mouth water!

Hey... Everything's bigger in Texas!

Texas Weather..

Grrr... How I miss my California weather!! Texas blows my mind.. one minute is sun and hot hot heat!
But then when you go back outside to soak up some rays..

                                                  ya got this.. and a power outage. WHICH MEANS.. no showing for this woman.. So I thought I would called my youngest daughter. OHHHHHHHHHHH no, that can't even happen. My wonderful Droid decides that it no longer wants to work after been in use for ONE week. ( Sprint and I have became BEST friends over the past year..not) My youngest finds it hilarious how much i' at that store or talking to them..thanks Kate!

How's the weather in your town?? Do you wish also that you could change it whenever you wanted to?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Effects of Technology on my Brain!

Well .... Saturday.... I got a new phone LOL a Droid. hummmmmmmm As you can see I did not write on my blog for two days .....I was learning my Dorid .....
it has taken me 3 days to get where I am and not feeling I have learned much LOL... I did work though, Does anyone else feel challenged in this area?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Venison Stew.... Kind of hard Eating Bambi!

I started cooking for my neighbor..... He loves venison! eww lol . So two to three times a week I get my head together.... and come up with a feast for him.  It is kind of fun, I guess I am a closet chef .....My secret dream is to be on the food network.. So I made him venison stew... Smells so good but I just can't find my self eating this. Think I will try it with beef LOL

Then I made him a salad ... yummmoooo (I did try that )

and garlic bread!

and brownies for desert!
So I am off to deliver the goods........ then I start working on my business today again with the help of my daughter kaitlyn...... Just got an order from a doctor for my hand rice bags ...Yeahhhhhh...!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our common questions!!

1. What are the benefits from a rice bag?
The rice and the herbs release a moist heat that helps to aide circulation and pain relief to sore muscles and joints. As the bag cools down, the heat becomes more dry and penetrating, and your own body temperature will keep the bag activated for a fair amount of time. The aroma released also aides in a feeling of well-being.

2. How long will my bag stay warm or cold?
Your bag will stay warm for 20-25 minutes, depending on how warm it is when you remove it from your heating source. The recommended time for applying heat at any one time is 20 mm. Bags used as a cold pack will stay cold for about 15-20 mm. They are very pliable and soothing when applied.

3. How long does the Fragrance last?
The aroma will last for a long time. Every now and then, take your bag and squeeze all along the channels, this will reactivate the Lavender in the rice.

4. How can I preserve the life of my bag?
Place your bag, in a plastic bag and store in your freezer or refrigerator.

5. What if I don't have a microwave?
No microwave oven? You can wrap your bag entirely in aluminum foil and place in a conventional oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes for larger bags, smaller bags would take less time. The time and heat can be adjusted for your individual oven. Watch over it. You can also wrap and place it on a woodstove, again, watch over it and adjust accordingly.

6. Do bags come without a fragance?

 If you don't want any fragrance, we will omit the aroma from any style of bag!

7. Can the bags be used on any part of the body?
Bags can be placed on any part of the body, hot or cold. But, in the event of any sudden onset of pain or elevated body temperature prior to rice bag use, please consult your physician. Rice bags are for comfort, and are not a cure.

8. Can the contents be changed if used for a long time?
Rice bag contents can be replaced, either by us, or yourself. All bags have a sewn end that can be re-opened and new rice added or replaced. (Not instant rice)

9. Can additional bag covers be purchased separately?
We do have additional bag covers available. Please check our price list.

10. An Important Note.
We try our hardest to answer all anticipated questions as soon as possible, if you have others, please ask. We will be more than happy to answer :)

Some information on our heat bags!

With our rice bags we hope to create for you, an innovative approach to self-therapy and an over-all restorative well-being. We can show you how our products can improve your mobility, invigorate just about any weakened or poor circulated area of your body and at the same time, sooth and calm your nerves through gentle Therapeutic Aromatherapy.

Several of our Aromatic Comfort Rice Bags & Wraps, come with protective covers that can be washed over and over again, so there is no need to worry about how you will keep the bags or wraps clean. They can be sponged off, but not immersed in water.
By placing an Aromatherapy Rice Bag or wrap, in the microwave oven for 1 and 1/2 minutes to up to 3 minutes (depending on size of bag), and then applying it, you will instantly feel the radiating moist warmth of the heated rice and the soothing, yet calming effects of the natural fragrances that the rice bags release into the air when heated.
We hope that you enjoy your stay and find a recuperative product suited to your needs. We are sure that our products will bring you that soothing and gentle comfort that you deserve. Note: We created custom orders as well, as our products are handcrafted, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery

Rice Bags are for comfort and are not a cure.

This is our three piece set!