Saturday, August 14, 2010

Venison Stew.... Kind of hard Eating Bambi!

I started cooking for my neighbor..... He loves venison! eww lol . So two to three times a week I get my head together.... and come up with a feast for him.  It is kind of fun, I guess I am a closet chef .....My secret dream is to be on the food network.. So I made him venison stew... Smells so good but I just can't find my self eating this. Think I will try it with beef LOL

Then I made him a salad ... yummmoooo (I did try that )

and garlic bread!

and brownies for desert!
So I am off to deliver the goods........ then I start working on my business today again with the help of my daughter kaitlyn...... Just got an order from a doctor for my hand rice bags ...Yeahhhhhh...!

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