Monday, November 22, 2010

Let me introduce you..

Having a dog is one of the best things. They're loving, entertaining, they're great for kids and they always keep you happy... followed with laughing, amazement and the times when you want to go mad if you have an Amercian Bulldog/ Boxer mix. Meet Annie...

She's as cute as a button and more needy than a newborn. She LOVES to cuddle.. and be mischievous..
watch out during dinner.. she hops onto her back legs and tries to push food her way with her little arms. Luckly, she does wonders in the garden..

What dog doesn't want to see Santa? Annie does!!
It's a hard life..
 Someone needs a vacay!!!!!!
She likes to cuddle up to Pink Laddie-too Soother when she relaxes too!!!

And after she gets back she calls up her close friend, Gary Ganew the gopher!
 Be ready at  5:10 in the morning Annie likes to wake you up to give you kisses by licking you to death with her giraffe tongue, but, how could you be mad to see this face?
and once you loved her.. say adios to your bed.. 
Even though this breed is know as a  'Bully Dog' she is far from it. She's a gentle giant that just wants to play, love and be loved all day long. She a riot! like having two dogs and a two year old in one. She keeps you laughing and keeps your spirits up no matter how down you are.. she has her own post! She's gotta be something great!! 

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